‘Roses are red, violets are blue….

by Matt Hodges
01 February 2013

Fitness Instructor London, Personal Trainer London

…here are some aphrodisiac foods, designed especially for you!’

It has often been said that foods can ‘stimulate’ men and women in different ways, whether it’s biological, psychological or physiological. As Valentines Day approaches, we are all feeling a little more adventurous and yet we seem to always settle with the obligatory ‘meal out’, red roses, a box of chocs and a glass of vino. Well why not impress your hubby with an increased libido by trying a few of these little natural wonders! In the following article i’m going to show you five of the best natural tricks to getting your body into the right frame of mind.

The first things I have to say about aphrodisiac foods are the vitamins and minerals that they contain. Its recognised that Potassium, Fibre, Vitamin B6, A, E and C, Thiamine, Zinc, Magnesium and folic acid are all precursors to keeping the body in flowing harmony with the hormones. So what are they?



Yes, we all know this one and the research behind it is true. High levels of zinc make this puppy a guaranteed sex food….. That’s if you can swallow them. It almost didn’t make the cut purely because they are not for everyone.


Wheat Germ

A dark horse is the Vitamin E packed grain. The high levels of the vitamin also help in anti-ageing through the synthesis of hormones. It’s also an awesome grain that helps balance oestrogen…. And we all know what high levels of that hormone can do!



It’s actually more alcohol than purely champagne. Drink too much and you’ll reap the bad side, drink a small modest amount and you’ll see yourself with a bit of a buzz and slightly lowered inhibitions, which isn’t always a bad thing on a day like this.



The ultimate in circulatory stimulants. More blood flow to the sexual organs and greater stimulation and sexual arousal. It should also be in your fat loss arsenal as its great for a pre-workout drink getting you ready for those hard workouts.



I bet you thought I’d never say it right? However, it’s more the Cacao than anything else, and that’s found in REAL dark chocolate. Chocolate helps release the hormone Oxytocin in the brain (female sex hormone) which will make you relaxed and feel good. It also contains high levels of magnesium which equals better sex drive – it’s no surprise chocolates are the custom Valentines Day present. This is your yearly excuse to drown yourself in the stuff!


The ones that didn’t make it!


Do you want to be single? This would have made the cut if it weren’t such a stinker! The chemical allicin has the same effect on the body that Ginger has increasing blood flow to the sexual organs. Add it to the list alongside Listerine if you are brave enough.


Red Chilli

Apparently any food that starts the sweat brigade is an aphrodisiac. This, again, is a circulatory based food. It doesn’t make the cut because of two things – they are ridiculously hot and, well, have you ever played with a chilli where the sun doesn’t shine?



One of the most common ‘sexy’ foods. There is no evidence to suggest these have any effect other than visual. Plus they are pretty messy on the old silk sheets too.


Pumpkin Seeds

Another common aphrodisiac food that actually has no scientific research behind it. I’ve been eating these for the last few years wondering why nothing was happening. Oops.

Go to the shops, stock up, get home and have a good Valentines Day on us!

This article was written by Matt Hodges, you can see all his articles here.