Anita & Poju Zabludowicz

The Zabludowicz Collection/Tamares Investment Group

Both my husband and I use The MPH Method service independently at our house in North London. It is very important to us to have someone trustworthy come to the house and Matt delivers in every way.

Brian Franz

CIO, Diageo

‘It’s not about losing weight, it’s about losing fat!!’

That’ll stay with me forever!

Marc Worth

CEO, Stylus Media Group

For the best part of my adult life I have been extremely busy with business and I realised that stress was taking its toll on my body. I knew of Matt’s reputation as he had been a successful trainer in the area to which I live so I decided to undertake his personal training sessions. I’ve been with Matt now for the past two years and we are still going strong.

Jo Calvino

Britain's top female weightlifter

I was introduced to Tim back in September 2005 when he came to visit my home training venue at Crystal Palace to see Keith Morgan, my coach. At this point I was preparing for the Commonwealth Championships in October, when 1 week before I was due to leave an extremely painful injury occurred to my back and upper leg. It was from this point Tim became an important part of Team Calvino, with a real challenge ahead of him to fix me in 7 days!! After the first visit I instantly felt better and responded quickly to Tim's treatment to feel fully fit heading out to my event.

Leading up to Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne it was important that I maintained physical fitness and wellbeing to achieve my peak performance at the games. Tim's treatment was a major role in achieving this. He not only takes on board your injuries, he takes on the requirements of your sport to ensure any weaknesses are phased out to allow you to be at your best, and I definitely benefited from this. He is totally 100% committed to you no matter how big or small your problems may be; Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and without his support I don't think I would have had so many good years of competitions. I will enjoy working with Tim for many years to come.

Adam Kaye

Leisure Entrepreneur

I’ve been training with Matt now for three years and I’m still to this day enjoying our sessions. My goals were always to lose weight and that’s exactly what we have achieved and yet each session always feels challenging and rewarding. Matt has helped me shed the pounds, which in turn, has helped with my main passion of tennis. Matt is well versed in all training aspects and has a great knowledge of nutrition which as I’ve now learnt is key to success. I look forward to the next few years!

Issam Kurdi

MMA/BJJ Athlete

I first started training with Matt back in 2009. I was preparing for a renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition. Outside of my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu technical training, Matt tailored my nutrition plan as well as my strength and conditioning regime. After following the MPH Fitness programme for four weeks, I noticed significant strength gains, improved my core strength and also cut from 84kg to 79kg. In the end everything really paid off as I ended up winning silver in one of Europe’s premier competitions. I will certainly seek Matt’s knowledge and expertise for future fights and competitions.

David Zaikin

CEO, First Iron Group

I have been training with Matt now for the last three years. In my experience he is one of the best personal trainers that I have had in both the UK and in Canada. Training five times a week can often get boring but I find that Matt’s positive in-depth approach alleviates any boredom or plateaus that I might be experiencing. I trust Matt implicitly and have referred him to some of my closest friends and family.

Ken Par

2x Silver Medal in Rifle Shooting 2010 Commonwealth Games

I was introduced to Tim by my Strength and Conditioning Coach Keith Morgan as he was highly recommended by my training partners at the gym. He did not disappoint, as with only 10 days to play with to get me in shape for the European Shooting Championships, he quickly identified the area causing my hip problem and his treatment worked rapidly. This put me in great physical shape for the competition and took away any niggling worries that stuck in the back of my head.

Regular physiotherapy is vital to my sport, so I look forward to working with Tim in the future as I look to keep myself in the best physical shape, so that I can qualify and compete in the London 2012 Olympics. I would strongly recommend Tim as a Physiotherapist to anybody after the great experience I have had being treated by him. 

Jane Preston

Documentary Film Maker

I had trained with Matt as part of a feature in the Daily Telegraph magazine where I was competing with a colleague of mine to see how much weight we could lose in a three month period.

I must say that I really did not want to take any part of this but Matt coaxed me through the tough initial stages and emphasised to me the importance of eating and training effectively. After a rocky first month of illness I then managed to lose 2 stone of fat in two months. I’ve never felt so alive and to this day I’m still exercising and eating properly and still losing the fat.

I won’t lie, it’s tough, but it’s worth it in the end! Thanks Matt.