Put the spring back into your chicken

by Matt Hodges
08 April 2013

Fitness Instructor London, Personal Trainer London

So the January fitness buzz is coming to an end, the dark mornings and early evenings have crept up on the soul and you are feeling deflated, less driven and you’ve probably slipped back into hitting the gym less than three times a week. As spring approaches I am giving you 5 of the best tips to get back some of that energy you’ve been missing.

Supplement King

The number one formula for me that always worked no matter how tired I felt was taking a small stash of supplements. I’ve mentioned this concoction in a recent Twitter post but it really REALLY works. About 20mins prior to working out I took caps of PHD Lean Degree, 1 cap L-Arginine, 1 cap Iron and 2 Gingko Biloba Tablets. This mix has been my piece de resistance with some of my athletes. It gets them completely focussed, sharp with mental energy effects. It also makes those of you who are low body fat, extremely vascular!


Eat more lower glycaemic foods

This is more of a lifestyle choice than a quick energy fix, but loading yourself up with high glycaemic carbs really messes with your insulin levels and can lead you to all time lows. Ever got tired after eating a bowl full of pasta or a baked spud? There you go……


Keep hydrated

The more you drink (water) throughout the day prior to exercise, the more you’ll get from your muscles. Muscles need hydration to function properly. Most of my clients who give up after 10 minutes are often dehydrated!


Iron Man

As previously stated in point 1, Iron is super important in regulating oxygen and CO2 in the blood. Women tend to be more deficient in iron than men however, it’s still a great vitamin to have a good amount of for that quick energy release. The same would apply to Vitamin B-12. Regular foods containing high iron values would be Spinach, Red Meats, Beans or Pulses.


Consistency is key

Whether it’s through food or hydration, keeping a consistent level of energy through the body throughout the day gives you maximum energy. Eat at regular intervals (4 hours max), drink water – all the time, and try and chill to reduce stress when you can.

This article was written by Matt Hodges, you can see all his articles here.