Swap the C.O.D for lean turkey this Christmas Day

by Matt Hodges
08 December 2012

Fitness Instructor London, Personal Trainer London

Guys it’s that time of the year where we make every excuse under the sun to eat ourselves silly and be couch potatoes. We all do it, we spend more, we enjoy ourselves more, and alas, we eat and drink more (and often not the right things!). Down your playstations, do away with the xbox and get moving! Here are the 5 best ways to enjoy your Christmas day and be healthy at the same time:


The Morning After The Night Before

If you are a sucker for a hangover then have no fear. Drink a coconut water, take a painkiller and a Imodium tablet…. Yes you heard it – Imodium! Coconut water and Imodium have all the essential electrolytes required for re-hydrating a sozzled body which is paramount for your body to recover.


Snacking Over Presents

I think this is pretty obvious. Keep the crisps and nuts at a low. The higher the salt value on these products the more you’ll feel bloated days after. Water retention with high sodium foods makes us look like water balloons. Replace with cut vegetables like carrot, celery, cucumber and get yourself some low fat, low salt houmous. This doesn’t just apply to Christmas Day either.


The Family Christmas Dinner

Have more GREEN veg than any other piece of food on the plate. Try and keep your starchy carbs (potato, yorkshires etc) to a minimum. Yes they taste good but so does Calpol and we don’t over do it on that do we?!


The Evening Game Time

Every time you die or get knocked out in any game do 10 push ups. I can guarantee by the end of a 40 minute session you’ll have popped out at least 100 push ups. No one is THAT good at a game that they don’t die! Challenge your family and friends, at least then it’ll justify what you’re doing and they wont think you are crazy.


The End Of The Day Drinking

Keep your liver healthy – For every glass of alcohol you have, chase it with a glass of water. This flushes the kidneys and the liver of the alcohol toxins. Works an absolute treat for eradicating the hangover!

So there we have it. You don’t have to be a bore on Christmas day after all!

This article was written by Matt Hodges, you can see all his articles here.