Don Jon: The Workout

by Matt Hodges
18 October 2013

As 2013 is coming to a close, Hollywood is gearing up for the Christmas film rush. As the final roster of releases have been announced, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper, Inception, 50/50) is putting forward his first written, directed and starred in film: ‘Don Jon’.

Don Jon follows the life of Jon Martello who objectifies everything in his life from his apartment, his car, his family and of course women. Jon’s friends call him Don Jon because of his ability to pull women of a high calibre and yet nothing seems to come close to his insatiable appetite for pornography. The story follows Jon’s journey to find a more gratifying sex life which takes a twist when he ends up learning larger lessons of life and love through relationships with two very different women.

As you’d expect our man in question (Gordon-Levitt) has buffed up quite a bit. A role with this kind of nature needed a decent physique especially coming off the back end of the likes of 50/50 and Premium Rush (Gordon-Levitt leaned down to look like a city cyclist). So here we are folks, this following program can get you from scrawny to brawny in a pretty decent amount of time.


Day 1 & 4 (Strength Focus)

*NOTE: Keep tempo at – 4 seconds eccentric, 1 second isometric, explode into concentric

Exercise Sets       Reps          
A1 Deadlifts 6 4 to 6 02:00
B1 Incline Dumbell Press 6 4 to 6 02:00
C1 Power Back Squat 6 4 to 6 02:00
D1  T Bar Rows 6 4 to 6 02:00


Day 2 (Bulking Focus – Upper Body)

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
A1 Incline Barbell Press 4 6-8 01:00
B1 Wide Grip Pull Ups 4 Failure 01:00
C1 Dumbell Chest Flye To Press 3 6-8 *****
C2 Narrow Grip Pullups 3 Failure 01:30
D1 Arnold Presses 3 6-8 *****
D2 Lateral Raises 3 25 01:30


Day 3 (Bulking Focus – Lower Body)

Exercise Sets       Reps          
A1 Barbell Squats 3 15,12,10 01:30
B1 Deadlifts 3 8 01:30
C1 Reverse Lunge 3 10 each side *****
C2 Hamstring Curl 3 Failure 01:30
D1 Barbell Step Ups 3 10 each side *****
D2 Leg Extension 3 Failure 01:30
E1 Glute Ham Raises 3 15 00:45

Day 5 (Supplementary Stuff)

Exercise Sets       Reps          
A1 Hanging Knee Raises 3 10 *****
A2  Ab Wheel 3 10 00:40
B1 Underhand Grip Pullups 3 Failure *****
B2  Tricep Extension 3 10 00:40
C1 Zottman Curl 3 10 each side *****
C2 Tricep Push Ups 3 Failure 01:30
D1 Paloff Press 3 10 each side *****
D2 Mountain Climbers 3 00:30 01:30

Day 6&7

Rest up and enjoy your two days off. Run with this program for 12 weeks and you will see a huge difference. Don’t forget with all your strength days to add on 2.5kg to your weight every week. Any problems or help with the program then don’t hesitate to contact Matt Hodges at or reach him through

This article was written by Matt Hodges, you can see all his articles here.