Work hard, play hard, relax even harder……

by Matt Hodges
08 April 2013

Fitness Instructor London, Personal Trainer London

Father’s day is nearing and this is the day that you’ve all been waiting for. The kids treat you well, your partner waits on you hand and foot and its now time to be horizontal for a day….. Alas, if only this was true eh?

Here are 5 easy tips for you to get the best from your day even if your kids are little monsters and the only peace and quiet you’re going to get is if you find yourself in space.


Take Rhodiola Rosea

The liquid extract contains both rosavins and salidroside which help in concentration, energy levels and total body relaxation. If the kids are stressing you out then take RR over a short period of time (two weeks) and you’ll see pretty quick results.


Take ZMA

Aka Zinc, Magnesium, Aspartate. Zinc will increase your testosterone, which all us males need more of as we get older and the magnesium will help you relax. Take ZMA before bed and you’ll have the best night sleep ever. ZMA can be bought from our Fitness Shop here:



We are always so busy we don’t actually take in our surroundings. Take yourself out of loud, frantic environments and go and have a stroll on your own. It might sound odd but absorb your surroundings, feel the sun/rain/wind/air and listen to yourself breath. This really works in relaxing the mind and the body!


Red Wine

Now this isn’t an excuse to go and get leathered. Red wine has proven relaxing capabilities. According to the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the Toronto General Hospital one glass is relaxing, two glasses prove stressful.



Everyone knows exercise elevates endorphins. Do this small circuit three times with 2 minute rest in between and you’ll feel great about yourself and it will only take 20 minutes of your 1,440 minute day.


Exercise  Reps Notes
Forward Lunges 10 each side
Bodyweight Squats 10 knees below parallel
Press Ups Max on knees or standard press up
Mountain Climbers 1:00 1 minute fast tempo
Burpees 15
Plank 00:30 30 second hold dont drop knees
Press Up Plank 00:30 Go straight from plank


*All exercises can be googled for good form pre-workout.

This article was written by Matt Hodges, you can see all his articles here.