The MPH Method is an intensive fitness package designed around you. Five stages work together for maximum impact — and make you feel transformed.



You won't find a more thorough screening.
Split into two parts, we assess your movement, lifestyle, and strength followed by metabolic testing with our partners at Guru Performance Ltd to create a completely bespoke plan based on your body ability, biomechanics and fitness goals.



To improve your body, you have to know exactly how it works in the first place. Our comprehensive hormone tests (which we're the first in the UK to offer) shows your disease risks and vitamin needs, and gives you clear recommendations for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, co-factors, amino acids, fatty acids and oxidative stress. It also reveals the hidden allergies and underlying factors that might be holding you back.



Drawing on the results of your body and hormone analysis, we create a diet plan specifically designed around you. This includes meal planning, alterations and support from our nutritionist throughout your whole transformation.



Intensive exercise. Four days a week. Designed to get you in optimal condition quickly and healthily, personal training sessions will improve your strength and stamina, optimising your fat loss and muscle gain potential through hard work and our full support.



Every week, in the comfort of your own home, at our clinics or at work, you'll receive a one hour sports massage: breaking up that stubborn soft tissue that stands in the way of your optimal physique.

You're a few clicks away from the body you've always wanted.