Tim Allardyce

Tim is one of the leading osteopaths and physiotherapists in the UK, treating many famous athletes and sport icons.


Registered Osteopath
Chartered Physiotherapist


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How I can help you...

I can help you with any muscular or skeletal problems at my clinic in Surrey through Physiotherapy and Osteopathy practices.


I am one of the leading osteopaths and physiotherapists in the UK. I currently owns three clinics, which collectively sees over 250 patients per week.

I am currently working with Britain’s top female Olympic weightlifter, a world top 5 powerlifter, the 6x world champion and current world record holder in powerlifting, 2 British powerlifting champions, 7 tour golf professionals, 8 international sprinters, Britain’s top hammer thrower, Britain’s top discus thrower, and several other Olympic squad athletes. Some of my previous clientele include Britain’s top female 100m sprinter, Britain’s top 200m sprinter, 6x world kayaking champion and international footballers. This is not say that I focus solely on athletes but more to show you how trusted I am by elite sportsmen/women with their wellbeing.

I offer a confidential, professional service, which is both effective and accessible.