Matt Hodges

Matt built the team at The MPH Method in 2010 to offer you all your health & fitness needs straight to a location of your choice.


REP’s Level 3 Personal Trainer
Nutrition and Health Adviser (including Psychology of Eating and Sports Nutrition)
Sports Massage Therapist


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How I can help you...

I specialise in lower back rehabilitation and body transformations with my cutting edge services that compliment my personal training. If you want the body of a celebrity and are prepared to put the time and the effort in then I can get you there. My main focus is combining strength with nutrition in order for you to get the best body in the quickest amount of time.


The majority of my family come from sporting backgrounds so it was only natural that I be passionate about training and its philosophies. As a teenager I played county tennis for Kent, both singles and doubles and I am always a keen skiier, leaning more to off piste free skiing. My main interests are in body weight calisthenic training, strength & conditioning and the diet-related factors surrounding these niche areas.

My main fitness experience stems from attending Loughborough University, where, surrounded by some of the UK's top athletes, I gained an excellent platform into the fitness industry. After achieving a diploma in Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy from Premier Global, I became a successful freelance Personal Trainer and went on to work for the well-renowned one-to-one personal training company - Matt Roberts PT. Through this experience I have become a well rounded professional in the health and fitness field.

In 2008 I managed to get sponsorship by LA Muscle helped me become a notable figure in the UK fitness modelling industry. I have made many television appearances and featured on the pages of some of the UK's top fitness publications and because of this I have attracted some household names as clients.

My dedication, knowledge and drive are clearly visible in my sessions. My focus on appropriate nutritional intake and effective training is paramount to your success, and I strives to develop tailored programmes to gain the best possible results.

In 2019 I launched the most exclusive personal training space in London in the heart of Fitzrovia.