Jennifer Beecroft

Jennifer is here to help you re-balance your body and take you in the direction you've always hoped for with bespoke meal planning and thorough assessment of our hormone and metabolic tests.



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How I can help you...

I will comprehensively assess your testing results and address any underlying imbalances, dysfunction or deficiencies within a bespoke nutritional programme. This will include in-depth meal plans, supplementary recommendations, recipes and lifestyle suggestions where applicable to both target your health goals and support your requirements and expectations. You will be provided with all the tools needed to implement an optimised eating regime.


I love food - from researching and writing about it, to growing and cooking it. My interest led me to go on and study Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I set up my own nutritional consultancy, Bee Nutrition, and count myself very lucky that I can also base my career around food too and help others to rediscover the benefits of proper nourishment from the inside out. I continue my extensive professional development via the latest and most relevant scientific research on nutritional, therapeutic and diagnostic methods.

My special interest lies in developing programmes towards effective weight management, maximising sports performance and providing optimal support towards new health and lifestyle regimes.

My expertise lies in addressing specific symptoms or health concerns, from hormonal imbalance, immune problems and mood disorders, to digestive discomfort, stress management and fatigue. The implementation of preventative health measures is also an essential part of my practice.