Imogen Houldsworth

Our Yoga instructor Imogen focuses on a mixture of Rocket Yoga, Ashtanga, Dynamic Vinyasa, 4Beat, Yin, Restorative and Mindful Meditation.


200 hours with Good Life Yoga School - Marcus Veda and Hannah Whittingham in London.
50 Hours Rocket Advanced YTT with Good Life Yoga School -Marcus Veda and Hannah Whittingham in London.
200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sampoorna Yoga, Goa.
200 Hours Rocket & Vinyasa with Carson Calhoun, USA.
50 Hours Rocket Training Advanced YTT with Amber Jean at Triyoga, UK.
60 hours Yin Yoga, Sampoorna Yoga, Goa.
30 hours music & Yoga with Good Life Yoga School.
16 hours Art of Yoga Sequencing Jason Crandell.
18 Hours Art of Teaching Beginners Jason Crandell.
First Class Degree in Design, University of The Arts London, UK.
Fully Insured with Wellbeing Insurance and First Aid Certified.

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How I can help you...

Rocket and Vinyasa are dynamic styles of yoga that build strength, stamina and flexibility. Here, we will break down core yoga postures and transitions, building confidence as you explore your body's potential and watch your practice grow. My classes are perfect for busy Londoners who are looking for a more personalised experience with a little extra TLC in developing their yoga practice.


I first came to yoga through meditation and the Ashtanga Mysore Shala before finally falling (or flying!) in love with Rocket. Inspired by this heritage, and influenced by my background in the Arts, I create immersive experiences that weave traditional asana with modern movement and music. I have trained extensively with masters of these practices - Marcus Veda, Hannah Whittingham, Amme Poulten, Amber Jean and Carson Calhoun.

I am a teacher of Rocket inspired Vinyasa and Yin. When you join my Vinyasa or Rocket sessions you can expect to be challenged. I focus on strength and stability, combined with Pranayama breathwork. My yin classes fuse classical poses with restorative yoga and mindfulness techniques. Soothing soundscapes calm the nervous system, whilst the encouragement of props aid comfort, deep relaxation and active rest.

Music also plays a large role in my vinyasa classes, where I take great care to mix my own playlists and take you on a journey - where you move with breath, in sync with the beat, setting the stage for movement as meditation.